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Writing & The Election

With the craziness that is the United States right now, it’s increasingly difficult to focus on writing.

Following this election is vastly different for Republican’s. They can’t just turn on the mainstream news to learn about what’s “going on”. The mainstream news lies regularly and pushes pro-Democrat propaganda by the minute.

For non-Democrats it’s an exhausting foray into the world of fake news and propaganda. You have to follow certain people who will help you to discern the news. It’s rather exhausting and ridiculous but it’s the only way to know what’s truly going on.

For instance: Right now the mainstream media is telling it’s Democrat viewers that Biden is going to win easily.

However, if you follow the right people – you know that’s bullshit.

There are also little nuggets of truth within the establishment that exposes their lies. The Biden campaign sent out a message saying don’t believe the polls – the election is going to be close.

Sound familiar?

Once again Democrats and the media are going to be shocked on election night as Trump wins.

All of this to say – if I’m paying attention to politics and news it requires a lot of research and reading to get the truth. It’s not as easy as turning on “the news” because they’re lying frauds.

As a result, writing never happens.

My solution has been to prioritize one or the other. Given the crazy importance of this election, for now, I put my writing on the back burner. I finished my first draft, and wanted to let it set for a while before getting back into it.

Come November 4th, I will start writing again. To do this requires me to disable my Twitter and social media accounts. Stay away from social media and the constant barrage of instant, and often, fake news. The good news for myself is that I’m hyper-organized with my writing so I can easily pick-up where I left off.

I think in today’s intense world, being able to prioritize and organize your life is key to being happy, patient and staying out of the judgmental cycle of getting down on yourself for “not writing”.

I’ve also learned that screenwriting requires a rare kind of patience and that it’s not a race. Give yourself the time to get it right, and to also live and operate out in the real world – as rough as it is right now.