Dear content creators: find your authentic voice

More and more I find myself wanting to empower younger content creators, rather than try and appease the dinosaur of Hollywood. The U.S. film industry has been decimated through woke correctness and the subsequent parasitic takeover. But the parasitic woke world has created opportunity.

Today’s fertile ground for great comedic content requires young people with a strong independent spirit. From that foundational spirit, they can not only stand up to the woke mob, but mock them. Nothing feels better than to mock sanctimonious parasites, for it is they who murdered comedy and story.

“Amateur” online performers on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are in a position to say what can’t be said, and say it in exactly their own authentic (and imperfect) way. In today’s creepy, woke-apocalyptic world of pretend, a genuine spirit crying out will be heard and felt. The more of a rise it gets out of the unthinking automatons, the better it is.

The Chappelle Show skit above is breathtaking to behold, because you cannot imagine it being made today. However, that is precisely why skits, such as that one, must be. Our culture is not improved by pretending we agree on everything, instead we must embark to once again have genuine conversations through great comedy and story which hold the power to unite, not divide.