Holy Grail of screenwriting

I wrote my first script around 10 years old, without knowing what it was. It was a story (with crayon animations) about a mysterious glove I brought home, which proceeded to murder my entire family.

I understood and saw movies differently than most people around me. Even as a kid, I was subconsciously studying what worked in movies, and what didn’t. Being a child of the nineties, the best decade of film in history, I learned from the best. The list of requirements for a great film are as follows:

  • Lean Structure.
  • Believable Conflict.
  • A Plot.
  • Flawed Characters, Who Change.

Of course, once you start writing screenplays, there is much more to master, but I view these as the foundational holy grail of good screenwriting and story. If you focus on those four you will have a story that will captivate, move, and entertain an audience. And, every so often you may happen upon a story that’s something special.