American Star

A young actor nearing his first Oscar nomination comes of age and stands up to his controlling father, only to unearth a trauma so dark it risks tearing everything apart.

Brock McCray

Convicted murderer & inmate Brock McCray has a real problem on his hands. Everybody thinks he’s racist.

killer r/x

A desperate young man starts taking an experimental drug to conquer the voices in his head, only for them to come to life and try to kill the doctor who prescribed them.

feedback addiction

A woman, suffering from a debilitating obsession with providing feedback, can’t get over an unresolved scene in the movie Cast Away, as she falls deeper into madness. She absolutely hated this log line, the title and script.

Victor House

A distraught husband and wife fight over an ill-fated decision as they struggle to accept loss within the walls of an old Victorian.


A young woman reconnects with her father before her wedding, only to bring her and her son into a horrifying secret.

not groundhog day, again!

A pair of gloomy screenwriters with a volatile hatred for the movie Groundhog Day, find themselves trapped in the same day, and theater, where the movie plays non-stop.

angels of the deep

A terrifying force from above invades and enslaves humanity. In order for humanity to survive, it must evolve.

billy ocean radio

With the radio only able to play Billy Ocean songs, Nathan and his misfit friends encounter hilarious disasters on the way to an end of the world party where they each hope to find love before the doomsday clock strikes midnight.

pop star sitter

After Lucas becomes a pop star’s sitter, I mean assistant, chaos and hilarity ensues. Will Lucas be able to stick around long enough to help the pop star achieve further success and maybe even love?