outrage over Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard fully exposes the left and press

Every so often in politics, an event happens which proves unequivocally just how utterly fake the left is. One such event was when Barack Obama moved to Martha’s Vineyard, the whitest & wealthiest place on Earth and, according to climate change propaganda, should’ve been underwater by now. Such a strange place for a climate change activist to move to, no?

The truth is, behind closed doors, most liberals are their worst caricatured version of a conservative. They pretend to care about the environment solely for the superiority and virtue it brings. But nobody fucks the environment more than rich white liberals, ask John Kerry.

But today, as many of you know, we have a new political event – ironically, in the same town. This time, rather than the great climate change pretense, it’s the other pretense that they care about immigrants. A plane of just 50 migrants landing at Martha’s Vineyard sent liberals into outrage.

Watching the left and their parishioners in the media work this story has been breathtaking. The default play of liberal victimization was on full display. The story cannot be that the border crisis is a problem of their intentional making. The story isn’t how they pretend to be diverse and non-racist.

The problem is, if you push them beyond their default victimization play, they’ll fold like a cheap accordion. If 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is a crisis, then what about the 4.2 million Biden has let in through (as one migrant described it) an “open door”? Secondly, if illegal immigration and diversity is a great thing like the left claims, then why is the left against illegal immigrants increasing diversity in Martha’s Vineyard?

Martha’s Vineyard liberals are outraged because they don’t want those dirty immigrants stinking up their white, privileged, and precious little fucking town. Liberals are, behind closed doors, who they caricature conservatives as, and this proves it. It’s hard not to enjoy this play by Texas, Florida and Arizona. I absolutely love calling a liar’s bluff, and as you can see here, it’s incredibly effective and gives the liar nowhere else to go.

In closing, this video is from October 2021, and it was a story about how the Biden regime was flying migrants all throughout the country.